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    Art. No. Series Model(G) Brand Price UOM Quantity
    300535F10 AL AL1000-M5(M5) XMC RFQ Pieces
    300535F15 AL AL2000-01(1/8") XMC RFQ Pieces
    300535F20 AL AL2000-02(1/4") XMC RFQ Pieces
    300535F25 AL AL3000-02(1/4") XMC RFQ Pieces
    300535F30 AL AL3000-03(3/8") XMC RFQ Pieces
    300535F35 AL AL4000-03(3/8") XMC RFQ Pieces
    300535F40 AL AL4000-04(1/2") XMC RFQ Pieces
    300535F45 AL AL4000-06(3/4") XMC RFQ Pieces
    300535F50 AL AL5000-06(3/4") XMC RFQ Pieces
    300535F55 AL AL5000-10(1") XMC RFQ Pieces

Specifications for AL MIST SEPARATOR

Model(G) AL1000-M5(M5) or AL2000-01(1/8") or AL2000-02(1/4") or AL3000-02(1/4") or AL3000-03(3/8") or AL4000-03(3/8") or AL4000-04(1/2") or AL4000-06(3/4") or AL5000-06(3/4") or AL5000-10(1")
Series AL
Brand XMC