LANDW TOOLS LTD. Odoo Version 13.0+e

Information about the LANDW TOOLS LTD. instance of Odoo, the Open Source ERP.

Installed Applications

Salesperson Own Customer & Sale Orders
odoo Apps will help to Salesperson can see own Customer & create thair Sale Orders.
Salesperson own Products
odoo app will help to Salesperson can see own Products.| user wise product |user allow produt | salesperson product | use own product
Odoo Backend Debranding
This is the base odoo backend debranding module.
Track leads and close opportunities
Enterprise website builder
2020最新中国企业会计表.Latest Chinese Accounting.
Multi level account chart. Chinese enhance. Focus on account chart. Add account chart group data. Account group, Chinese tax. Set chinese account report.
Manage your stock and logistics activities
Invoices & Payments
From quotations to invoices
Manage financial and analytic accounting
Sell your products online
Purchase orders, tenders and agreements
Centralize your address book
Chat, mail gateway and private channels
Odoo Debranding
Odoo Module for backend and frontend debranding.
Odoo Website File Upload(Upload Attachment)
Apps helps upload file/Attachment on Odoo Website File Upload website Upload images customer upload Attachment website multiple file upload website Attachment option customer upload images website images upload file on Website upload Attachment on Website
Odoo Website Product Attachments(Documents)
App allow customer to Download Product's Documents/Attachments on website shop Documents/Attachments Product Documents on Shop Display Product Attachments on Shop multiple attachments User Guides upload file attachments upload Documents document attached
All In One Margin
calculate product margin, add margin on sales module, margin on invoice application, margin in quotation app, margin field in sale order, calculate margin amount, get margin percentage Odoo
Internal Category To Ecommerce Category Management
Manage Product Category App, Set Internal To E-commerce Category, Sync Product Category Module, Linking Product Category To Ecommerce Category, Merge Product Categories Odoo.
Sales, Purchase, Warehouse and Accounting Edit Sequence Number
Edit Sequence Number Module, Update Serial Number App, Sale order Change Sequence No,RFQ Correct Sequence Number, Purchase Order Setup Sequence Number, Invoice Write Over Sequence No, Debit Note Manage Sequence No
Import Customers/Suppliers from CSV/Excel file
Import Customer From CSV Module, Import Customer From Excel App, import Partner From XLS, import customer from XLSX, import supplier from csv Odoo
Import Product Variant from CSV/Excel file - Advance
Import Product Variant From CSV, Import Product Variant Excel App,Import Product Variant XLS, Import Product Variant From XLSX Moule, Product Variant From Excel, Product Variant From CSV Odoo
Partner Incoming Outgoing Emails | Incoming Emails in partner | Outgoing Emails in customer | Incoming Mails in vendor | Outgoing Emails in supplier | Incoming Emails in user
User Outgoing Emails,Mail by customer module, partner filter emails, vendor Outgoing mail app, filter incoming mails,person outgoing mail, Employee Incoming Mails odoo
Popup Message
create Success, warnings, alert message box wizard,success popup message app, alert popup module, email popup module odoo
News Snippets
News Feature, News Snippets, Quick News Module, Shows Upcoming Activities,Latest Offers, Sales Alert, Any New Update, News app ,headlines Module,News Snippets,Latest Update, News snipet Odoo
Partner By Category
Vendor Plans, Vendor Packages, Vendor By Plans, Vendor By Packages, Partner Plans, Partner Packages, Partner By Plans, Partner By Packages, partner management Odoo
Quick Purchase Order To Sale Order
Quick Purchase Order To Sale Order, Purchase Order To Sale Order Module, Manage So From Po App, Handle Quotation From RFQ, Manage Quote From Request For Quotations Odoo.
Unique Product Code/Internal Reference
Duplicate Internal Reference Module, Track Same Internal Reference Number,Unique Internal Reference No App, Single Product Internal Reference, Individual Product Code Odoo
Request for quotation-Multiple product Advance
Set Product For Request For Quotation, Make RFQ For Product Module, Invisible Product Price,Request For Quotation Multi Product Shop Odoo,Hide Product Price App, Set Product RFQ Module,Set Product Request For Quotation,RFQ Multi Product Shop Odoo
Request For Quotation-Portal
Manage Multiple RFQs Module, Vendor Change RFQ Price App, Manage Request For Quotation Price, Request For Quote Update Price, Automatic Backend Price Change Odoo, Client Change RFQ Price ,Supplier Change Quotation Price Odoo.
Customer Note in Website Cart/Order
Customer Note In Website Cart Odoo, Customer Note In Website Order, Manage Client Notes, Customer Comments Module,Invoice User Note ,Delivery Order Customer Note,Manage Notes Odoo
Quick Sale Order To Purchase Order
Quick Sale Order To Purchase Order module, So to PO, Quotation to Request for quotation app odoo
Sale Order Product Weight Information
Sale Order Weight Module, Sales Order Total Order Weight, Sale Order Calculate Weight, Quotation Weight Count App, Product Weight In Sale Order, Sales Product Weight Odoo
Website Category Page Advance
This module useful to show product category page.
Multi Company Address in Contact Us
show multi company addres, contact us page address, Company Address in Contact page, contact page company address, multiple company address in contact page Odoo
Split Sale Order| Split Quotation | Extract Sale Order|Extract Quotation| Split Purchase Order | Split Request For Quotation|Extract Purchase Order | Extract Request For Quotation
split purchase order lines app, extract po module, extract rfq, split purchase orders, extract rfq, split sale order lines, extract so, extract quote, split sale order, extract quotation odoo
Schedule employees' meetings

Installed Localizations / Account Charts

2020最新中国企业会计表.Latest Chinese Accounting.
Multi level account chart. Chinese enhance. Focus on account chart. Add account chart group data. Account group, Chinese tax. Set chinese account report.
Canada - Accounting
Canadian Checks Layout
Print CA Checks
China - Accounting
China - City Data
China - Small Business CoA
China - Standard CoA
Multi Language Chart of Accounts